I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
-Mark Twain

What is FFP?

Success Redefined

FFP offers students an opportunity to re-define success as we explore new ideas of how school should be run. By re-focusing on learning essential skills and completing tasks with an authentic purpose, marks no longer drive what we do.

Technology Integration

Technology is not going away. Instead, FFP attempts to embrace the power, mobility and connectedness of the technology we have to foster new opportunities to learn. Technology allows us to learn from the world, produce for an audience and complete a whole host of creative, authentic projects.

Interwoven Curriculum

We never learn anything in isolation. By integrating three connected, though different, curriculums, FFP offers students an opportunity to learn civics, careers and English together in a single package. By bringing the three courses together, students get to see the connectedness of our learning.

Student-Directed Learning

Students take control of their learning. By using the model of gradual release, students build their confidence and ownership of the content in FFP. No two classes look alike, as the students within the class chart the course.


We know we are not finished. We embrace the idea that trying something and failing is not only ok, but encouraged. The best lessons in life are often when we step outside of the every day and attempt a new idea. In FFP, that’s just another day of the week.


A key 21st century skill is the ability to work with others towards a common goal. FFP offers countless opportunities to work alongside classmates and the world. Students are encouraged to find collaborators from within, from other FFP classes or from experts around the world.