It’s time to get angry. It’s time to recognize something that gets under your skin and needs to be talked about. It’s time to give some space for a good rant.

Taking a page out of Rick Mercer’s playbook, we are going to write and record our rants.

This time around, I want you to write a rant about anything you’d like. It doesn’t need to be politics, though it can be.

There are a few things to know about a good rant. It has structure. It is not just rambling. It has a specific beginning, middle and end.

In the beginning, outline what it is you are ranting about. Outline what part gets you angry.

In the middle, get into specifics. Give examples.

At the end, you want to finish with strength. Build intensity. Think about some basic rhetoric devices. Your last phrase is like your knockout punch.

Here’s a great Rick Mercer example:

Take a look at this example of a student rant:


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